Digital payments without a bank.


Goodbye cash, hello ALTA

ALTA is a digital payment club where cash intensive businesses pay each other using digital tokens instead of cash.


An Elevated Way to Pay ™

Members purchase ALTA tokens on our secure exchange. If you're using cash, we’ll send an armored car to pick it up. Members pay each other for goods and services by simply transferring tokens. Tokens can be converted back to US dollars instantly, and the proceeds can be deposited in any bank.


Send and receive payments
24/7 with instant settlement.


ALTA tokens can never
change in value.
1 token = $1. ALWAYS.


There are no transaction limits when buying, selling or transferring ALTA tokens. *This feature is coming soon.

ALTA membership
comes with peace of mind

Armored Car Pickup

Your cash will be picked up at your business by an armored car and securely delivered to an insured depository. Your ALTA account will then be immediately credited with ALTA tokens.

Money Back Guarantee

ALTA tokens can always be converted back to US dollars instantly. The resulting proceeds can be banked anywhere you choose.

No Bank Account Needed

You do not need a bank account to get started with ALTA. ALTA thoroughly follows the Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines associated with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).

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